Rosie: Lab mix
Born: June 2010
Weight: ~50lbs
Bio: Rosie is our love child, my husband and I rescued her one week before our wedding. She was living under a pile of lumber in a lean-to in someone’s backyard. There were 9 in her litter and one had already died; most of the others were sick. We took her and one of her brothers because we felt so bad for them. A neighbor adopted her brother and we kept Rosie. She is very sweet, loves everyone, and if anyone ever tried to rob us she would probably help them load up the car.
Binti: Heinz 57 (possible Jack Russell Terrier x Border Collie)
 Born: June 2009
Weight: 24lbs
Bio: Binti is our first born and has a bit of a story. December of 2009, my husband and I weren’t even engaged yet. We were on our way to church one Sunday morning, running late as usual. It was very cold and sleeting. When we got to church, we immediately noticed a small black dog in the parking lot. Neither of us had ever seen this dog before. She was soaking wet and a little shy. We called to her and my husband pulled a tennis ball out of his car and started bouncing it to get her attention. She came over and we could see she did not have a collar on and she was shivering. We looked at each other, decided we were too late for church, put her in the car and drove back to campus (we were still in college at the time). We immediately gave her a warm bath, dried her off and started posting on craigslist and local newpapers trying to find her owners. We took her to the vet, discovered she had Giardia (a nasty intestinal disease caused from drinking water contaminated with wildlife feces), and get her started on her puppy shots. All this time, we weren’t sure if we would be able to keep her, so we didn’t want to name her and get attached, so we just called her, “Little Girl.” Two weeks later, after having no luck finding her original owners, we decided to keep her. At the time, we were gearing up for a mission trip to Kenya. As part of our preparations, we were studying some Swahili vocabulary. My husband thought it would be cool to name her something in Swahili, and we discovered that one word for “girl” is “binti.” We liked it; and there you are…the story of Binti, our little girl.

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