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Tomorrow is the day…hopefully!


Well, tomorrow is the day we have been counting down to and hopefully little Baby White will decide to make his/her appearance. For those of you craving a status update…sorry! Due to our deep desire to have as quite, private and intimate a birth experience as possible, you probably won’t hear anything until we are already home and settled with the new little one. We are doing this for a number of reasons:


1. Because I am having the baby at a free standing birth center, not a hospital, we will most likely be home within 6-8 hrs of delivery. Therefore, we see no reason for anyone to visit us at the birth center, and, in fact, would prefer to not have any visitors.


2. In order to get off to the best possible start with our little one, it is vitally important that we are free to maintain skin-to-skin contact with the baby as much as possible for the first few weeks (yes, weeks!), but especially the first few hours. This means that even if we have visitors, we will not be allowing others to hold the baby for at least 24 (preferably 48+) hours. This also means that I need to be in a setting in which I am able to remain topless as much as possible, which again means, very few visitors.


So, do not expect facebook posts, emails or even phone calls until we are at home and feel ready to receive visitors. We are hoping to avoid hurting any one’s feelings, though some have already made it clear that this really isn’t possible. 😦 Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, the well being of my child is more important to me than a few stepped on toes. Some people feel that we are being a bit extreme and self to keep the baby to ourselves for so long. Please know that all the decisions we have made in this regard are backed by excellent research which shows a significant benefit to the infant when skin-to-skin contact with the parents and especially mom is maintained as much as possible for the first few weeks of life. It promotes better breast feeding, better bonding, better sleep patterns and a stronger feeling of security and calmness. We are not deliberately trying to rob anyone of the joy of meeting or holding the baby, we are simply trying to do what we feel is best for our child. I hope that you, as our friends and family, will try to respect our decisions, whether or not you agree with them. Please, do not be upset or disappointed if you learn about the birth a day or two after the fact. And, please, do not show up unannounced at our house, or you will probably be greeted by a locked door.


Our plan at this point is to let our parent’s know when it is clear that the birth is imminent, and then to turn off our phones. We hope that they will see fit to keep the news to themselves until we let them know it is OK to start calling friends and family. At that point, we will probably leave it up to them to inform everyone as we want to be able to devote our entire attention to the baby, not the phone. Depending on the time of day the baby is born, we hope to have 24ish hrs after returning home before receiving our first visitor, this includes grand or great-grandparents. We understand everyone is very excited to meet the new baby, and we can’t wait to share our child with all of you, but we also hope that you understand why we wish to avoid a sudden influx of visitors and well-wishers. So again, please call ahead before coming, and if your call is not answered, assume we are not up to seeing visitors yet.


We love each and everyone of you and are very excited to share the baby and this exciting time with everyone, but the welfare of our family is our first priority.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!