Those who know me, know I am a terrible bookworm (my parents bought me a Kindle for Christmas, only feeding my addiction) so, this will be a list of favorites and/or a place I can rant and rave about whatever book I am currently reading and/or want to read.

Currently reading: What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst

Since I have read a ton of Pregnancy/Childbirth/Parenting books lately, I decided to list them and my opinions; enjoy!

  1. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: Fantastic! I love Ina May’s no-nonsense way of writing. She has delivered over 2,000 babies and imparts confidence in the way a woman’s body works and our intrinsic ability to give birth, with or without assistance.
  2. Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding: Again, very good, easy read. Simple explanations of how getting off to a good start immediately upon delivery can impact your entire nursing experience. There is a bit of a tirade about the “prudeness” of American society that looks down on a mother nursing in public which I don’t agree with (just cover-up!). But, over all it was a worthwhile read.
  3. What to Expect When Your Expecting: This has become a very popular go-to book for expecting moms in recent years. I have mixed feelings. It is ok for the week by week stuff and descriptions of how the baby is developing. But they have a lot of stuff about genetic testing that I didn’t agree with and whether or not you should have an abortion if your baby has a genetic disorder.
  4. The Complete Organic Pregnancy: This is a great book, not just for expecing moms, but for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to protect their kids at home and to limit their exposure to harmful chemicals. It isn’t about eating organic foods nearly so much as it is about making informed decisions and knowing what is going into your body from your food, the carpet in your home, cleaning supplies, etc.

I have a lot more, but that is all I have time for right now…to be continued.

Recommended Reading:

  • Anything by Francine Rivers! “Redeeming Love” is my all time favorite and a great read for men or women. In fact, I highly recommend husbands and wives to read it together.
  • “Blue Ridge Legacy” by Gary E. Parker – this is a trilogy set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of my native North Carolina. A great story of an average family trying to live life and serve God as best they know how.
  • In a pit with a lion on a snowy day” by Mark Batterson
  • Wild Goose Chase” by Mark Batterson
  • “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott – An all time favorite of mine and a must read for men and women of all ages. A beautiful, timeless story of coming of age.
  • Set Apart Femininity” by Leslie Ludy – this book is targeted at young, unmarried ladies but is applicable for women of all ages. Leslie has a number of books for young women and she and her husband have a couple of books such as “When God Writes Your Love Story.” I haven’t read them all, but what I have read, I liked.
  • Start Your Family: inspiration for having babies” by Steve and Candace Watters – regardless of your opinion or method of family planning, this is an excellent book which will challenge you to view children the way God does, and not the way the American culture does. I recommend it for every married couple.
  • More coming soon…

Items of Interest:

  1. Rob Bell’s new book, “Love Wins”

      Rob Bell is the author of a number of Christian literature books (“Velvet Elvis”, “Sex God”). His new book, “Love Wins”, has sparked a lot of debate and some very negative reviews. I have not read the book yet, personally, but my family has been discussing it and what our perceptions of it are. We are all fans of Rob Bell’s other works and are all hoping that this book is not what people have been saying it is. This is the promo videofor the book. And this is what my father-in-law had to say about it:

           “Perhaps  what he’s implying is that God has made a way available for everyone  (thank you Jesus for what you’ve done/won) and that God who knows the  human heart, and only He who knows the heart of every person,  knows who has found that way and has embraced it in their life. This  doesn’t negate Jesus or His work, in fact this affirms it in the deepest  way possible. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and those who have  found that way, truth, and life find Him.
              Is  God untrue to Himself? No. What He is untrue to is our concept of Him,  our understanding of Him, letting our desire of what we want God to be  to influence our perception of Him….. pre-deciding what “God” we will  accept and give allegiance to. He has revealed Himself and we need to  let God be God.
One  of my favorite lines from the Chronicles of Narnia comes at the end of  The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as Aslan is walking away. Lucy,  the youngest child, can’t understand where he is going or why he is going away. Mr. Thomnas, her fawn friend, explains that Aslan can’t always be understood.
”He is not a tame lion” Thomnas says.
“No,” replies Lucy, “but he’s good.”‘
Simple, forthright, and intensely theological.
                We,  as the christian church throughout history, have often had a difficult  time remembering that God is not a tame God. Many have inadvertently  attempted to domesticate God. In putting Him on a short lease, the idea  of fearing Him becomes absurd.  We need to be reminded that He has not  been put under the control of anyone, and is not altogether predictable.  We often don’t understand why God does what God does, the different  ways He chooses to work in each individual’s life, how He chooses to  reveal Himself and move in our own heart, family, church, community, and  this world both in ages past and present. How does this all add up and  fulfill His ultimate intention…. a world made in Him, by Him, and for  Him to share together in His great love?
                See  John 3:16….. read it also with it’s following context 3:17 – 3:21.  Take note of “This is the verdict: “ in 3:19 and its’ conclusion in 3:21  “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be  seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” Could it  be that some’s love for the truth and living it actually lead them to  Christ who is the light? Can someone only be led to God’s salvation  through a Bible tract and an altar call? Could the Holy Spirit actually  work in someone’s heart of darkness and quicken the light of truth,  sparking a loving desire for it, and lead them along the path of truth  bringing them into the light who is Jesus? Does one travel that path in a  moment, a day, a month, or years? I’ve always said my heart accepted  Christ before my brain did. In my searching years I hungered for a truth  to life that I believed and knew to be true, that ultimately led me to  my faith in Jesus. What if I’d passed away along that path, in the midst  of my journey? Would God have received me because of my hearts’  acceptance of Him, or not, because my brain was still confused, sorting  it out, and had not yet cried out, “Jesus!” Does this God, our Father,  who looks upon the heart see the hunger for Him, the life living out  that truth, and the embracing of the light and so receives that one  before they even know who’s name to cry out? I believe God has answered  that in who He’s revealed Himself to be throughout scripture.
                   To  me, and knowing how undeserving I am, it stresses the need that I give  freely God’s grace and love to all He brings into my life, not knowing  where they may be along that path. Some we may only encourage along the  way, pointing them on (and praying for them). Others the Holy Spirit may  reveal to them that the Light in us matches the light in them and is  the life they’ve been seeking. I know that there are very real times  that evangelism is the carrying of Light in to a dark place and  revealing the truth so those that are blind may see and receive Jesus.  God has called, used, and blessed these evangelists. But as it’s been  said, we are all to preach the Gospel daily, and when necessary, use  words. Simply let the light of our simple lives shine.
               Somewhere  in all this I hope is the thought that sparked “Love Wins.” I’m sure it  will be articulated much better than I attempted to here. I’m really a  pretty simple man, living just the basics as best I can.
  But  I do know that Lucy’s confidence in Aslan can be our confidence in the  God of the universe, His universe. Though we don’t always understand His  plan, or how He works, we can always know that
“He is good.”‘
I felt this was an excellent point from a very special (and usually laconic) man, and should be shared with others.

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