My name is Tara and I am a lazy housewife…but I’m getting better! At least I’m trying to do better and you, through this blog, are going to help me.

I try to hold myself to a high degree of modesty and feminity which is reflected in my choice to wear long skirts almost exclusively. I don’t watch TV (we do watch hulu [probably more than is good for us] and movies), I try to live organic and chemical free, love to go barefoot and climb trees.

Other random facts about me: I love to read, hate to vacuum, wear glasses, like to quilt and scrapbook (and write, duh!). I was homeschooled (so was the hubby) and intend to homeschool our children. I love horseback riding and baking. I have a weakness for bags (my favorite accessory!) and only own like 3 pairs of shoes (seriously!).

I hope that you find this blog to be encouraging, helpful, thought-provoking, funny and, most of all, Christ honoring.



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