Welcome to the real world


From March 22, 2012:

Micah will be a week old tomorrow. At this time last week I was laboring away at the Birth Center waiting for his arrival. Now he is asleep in his Moses basket in the bedroom, the hubby is at work, Nana is in the dining room and I am blogging. It seems like a lot more than a week has gone by since our adventure began.

Micah is a pretty happy baby. Last night was a big exception, but normally he is very alert with big eyes taking in everything around him. We have adjusted quite well to having him in our home and now it is hard to imagine life without him. I have always been a very heavy sleeper; I can fall asleep anywhere and sleep through anything. So, it really surprised me how quickly I became tuned to him and his schedule. I almost always wake up before he even makes a sound. I am never aware of him waking me, but every time I wake up, he is also just starting to wake up.

Dad had to go back to work yesterday for the first time, which was really hard for him. Micah did not sleep well at all last night so I’m sure he will be exhausted today. Fortunately, Nana has come to visit for a few days and help us out. So, she took Micah for a few hours last night to let us sleep and then she got up and made breakfast for us this morning…I’m going to be spoiled by the time she goes home!

So far, my recovery has gone very smoothly. I am still taking Ibuprofen around the clock, but I have very little soreness and am able to get up and move around quite well. I am still trying to follow the midwife’s orders and limit myself to S.P.E.N.D. : Sleep, Pee, Eat, Nurse and Drink. That is all I am allowed to do for the first two weeks. No cooking, cleaning or driving, just caring for myself and Micah.

Micah’s jaundice is much much better. Sunday, before we left the hospital his billiruben  level was 15.8 so he spent four hours under the light in the nursery. Monday he was down to 13.5 but had lost more weight, so that he was down to 7lbs 8oz, a whole pound less than his birth weight. So, we were supplementing his feedings with expressed breast milk, feeding to him via syringe after he had nursed. Yesterday, we went back to the Birth Center to have him weighed again and he was up to 7lbs 14oz, so we don’t have to supplement anymore, just nurse him when he is hungry. His poop has also transitioned, which is a sign that the billiruben is moving out of his system.

Looking back on our birth experience, Micah and I are both very fortunate that we live in a time of such advanced medical techniques. My c-section was not considered an emergency because both he and I were healthy at the time the surgery was performed. But, the fact of the matter is, without that surgery he and I both would have died. This whole experience has changed my perspective towards medical interventions during birth. I still would have preferred the natural, non medicated birth we had planned. But, as the nurse at the Birth Center put it, hospitals were made for babies like Micah. A lot of people who choose to have a natural birth do so because they are anti-hospital, and I was verging on that myself. Even some of the mid-wives are kinda that way and are very uncomfortable in a hospital setting. The midwife who attended Micah’s birth was the perfect person to see us through this experience. She was a Critical Care Nurse for years before she became a mid-wife, so she is very comfortable in the hospital. She is also very calm, quiet and even tempered. Never once did she become flustered or give any indication that anything was really wrong. She presented our options clearly and gave sound reasoning as to why she thought we should do or not do certain things without ever pressuring us into anything. She supported us in our decisions and talked me through every step with a calm, quiet voice. So, avoid the medical interventions if possible because it is better for both mom and baby, but hospitals were made for babies like Micah, and the medications are there for a reason. For future pregnancies, I would love to try for a VBAC but, if the circumstances do not allow for it, I’m not afraid to accept the help the hospital can provide and have another c-section if necessary to keep me and my baby safe. I have no regrets about the way things went because we had the outcome we wanted all along; healthy mom, healthy baby


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