Deep in thought


“She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.” Proverbs 31:16


The wife being described in this verse is a smart and discerning person. She goes out and makes informed, financial decisions which produce income for her family. She is making money in some way, because she plants the vineyard “out of her earnings.” So, she has already proven to have some business smarts and now she has money to invest. This makes me think what I can do to help provide for my family. I do have a small income from the childcare services I provide from my home, but am I managing this money in such a way that I would ever be able to invest it?


Prior to getting married, my husband and I participated in a Crown Financial Study small group at our church. This is a Bible study designed to teach you what God has to say about money and budgeting and loans. We thoroughly enjoyed it and I heartily recommend it for everyone, especially newlyweds or those about to enter college. I wish that I had known what I do now, back when I was just leaving home. Following the study, we sat down and worked out a budget that we try very hard to stick to. We document everything! If I find a penny in the parking lot at Walmart, I write it down….ok, not really. But it is important to know where your money goes, and where it comes from, if you want to use it responsibly. This is very much a work in progress for us, but I really like being able to look back and see where we have spent our money.


One way to keep a check on your priorities is to keep track of where you spend your money…


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